Click here to download the book.

Click here to download the book.

This book is a small effort by some highly-motivated Bangladeshi doctors living in the UK and the USA to supplement local guidelines in Bangladesh. This will hopefully enable local experts in Bangladesh to be kept updated about local treatment protocols worldwide. In the absence of evidence for specific drug therapy, mostly supportive treatment is provided throughout the world.

It’s our great pleasure to launch the 4th edition of our book following the success of the previous 3 editions. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR THE NATIONAL GUIDELINES. THIS IS JUST TO SUPPLEMENT THE NATIONAL GUIDELINES. Many members of the national guideline committee AND national task force (including local experts) have been included in this email and most of them have been very helpful in improving our handbook. Their feedback has been extremely useful.

The 4th edition includes the names and pictures of all the unsung heroes who died on the line of duty. It also includes  a management plan along with detailed zoning map for the upazilla and district hospitals. We have also revamped some of the chapters in order to make them easy. We hope that it will be useful for everyone.

As We have also made significant changes to many chapters as the evidences continue to evolve. As always the updated version of the book can be downloaded

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